Friday, July 13, 2012

Custom Comic Art Commission turned into an invitation


No, I am not inviting you to Tyson and Bec's wedding or reception. Relax. you do not need to RSVP.

This commission started as custom comic art and ended up as a wedding invitation for this adorable couple in Australia. Tyson emailed me some photos of themselves along with a couple specific details and I came up with this 80's style comic book cover. Both Tyson and Bec seemed happy with the output. They planned on printing out the invite as well as posting it on their invitee's respective social network profile pages. Good idea, right?

In making this villain, Dr. Vortex, I have developed a character I would like to use in something. I will not be sharing the specifics here with you, but I will ask all you comic geeks if this is a name that has been used. I'm too busy right now to look up wikicomics or whatever it is called. And I want to communicate with you. Because I love you. I think (maybe its just lust).

CCAC (for more information)

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