Monday, August 06, 2012

Custom Comic Art Commission - Pulp Edition

A gentleman named Anthony emailed me a month or so ago about some comic art he would like. It was to be made for his wife who has taken up boxing. He asked for a pulp-style 36x24 canvas print for her birthday. I mentioned a boxing ring with crime lords and a gun with a dark tone and limited colors and he was very receptive. He also requested some further details about a yellow lab and incorporating her trainer's name. I liked his initial suggestions and he seemed to like mine very much. So, we went from there. 

I was quite swamped with other contract work and my dayjob at the time of his request, so I wasn't able to jump on this right away. I was, however, thinking about it and sneaking moments to sketch and design the characters. Here is the initial sketch I sent Anthony to let him know the direction I was intending to go.


He liked this very much.

As you can see, I wanted the Lucy Lab to be boxing a Bull Terrier, but I had trouble anthropomorphizing this breed of dog. Every time I drew one it seemed to look like a large rat. So, I gave up and decided to go the obvious route and draw a Boxer (duh, right?). I decided to change the direction of the foreground gun to point to the right. If this was an actual pulp magazine cover, I believe THAT is a detail the art director would have wanted. The old rule of directing the reader's eyes to the right in order to cause sublminal page turning or somesuch. I also removed the audience female from the gangsters. I did not think it was necessary for the story or to define who these dastardly dogs were. Lots of nudging and relocating made much more sense. I really do love the editing process.

Here is the finished piece that will one day be hanging from someone's wall or leaning in someone's attic. Either way, it was a delight working with Anthony on this VERY fun project for his wife.


I hope this is obvious, but the gangster dogs in the foreground are a Doberman Pinscher (L) and a Bulldog (R). I was imagining the gun as an Irish Wolfhound while I drew it. I don't know why. I guess because if his characteristics were in the design then it would balance the other doggies. Or just create a cultural relevance for the time and theme depicted.

Thanks for looking and reading. I urge you to contact me for one of your own Custom Comic Art Commissions. Dawg.

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  1. Anthony2:31 AM

    I felt compelled to comment on this, as I am the person that sought out for Brandon to create this for me. I can't say enough good things. He is easy to communicate with, has amazing ideas and talent, and really captures the themes one may be looking for. This is going to make my wife go nuts. The hardest thing is having this unopened package sitting here for three days until her birthday. It's going on that wall and will always be there so long as we both draw breath. (not in the attic like Brandon so modestly suggested). Everyone should get a chance to see themselves as a super hero or comic book character. I am sure that I am treating myself to one of these too in the near future. I encourage anyone that's thinking about it to go for it! Cheers, Brandon.