Thursday, February 18, 2010

custom canvas comic book covers for commission

I assume that you like comic books.
I also assume that you may be fond of the older comics from the Golden or Silver Age or even the pulp covers from the 1950's.
Still assuming that you also know someone who is into comics and that you have familial members who are into comics as well.

Sounds like a perfect world, doesn't it? Well, it isn't a perfect world. I'm sorry to inform you. BUT! It can get awfully…damn…close if you take a moment and read the rest of this post.

In 2004 I worked with my writer friend, A. G. Devitt, to design fake covers of Amish pulp. Something I still love to ponder in my free time.
In 2005 I was commissioned to make a pulp cover as a trade for dental work. Hence, the Dentist piece you see here.
In 2007 my friend and fellow illustrator, Colin Panetta, asked me to create some "fan art" for his webcomic. This is the Heroic Fantasy cover.
In 2008 I was contacted through email from a super-nice lady who wanted to surprise her boyfriend with comic book cover artwork. She saw my web site with the previous covers and proceeded to give me details about her boyfriend's farm somewhere in North Ontario and all the animals that reside there. Not in a kinky way, mind you. One month later we gave birth to Power Ape (I couldn't convince her to change the name to something else, but I did my best to keep the "r" from the "a" as much as possible).

The point? Don't worry, I'm getting to it.

I am offering custom canvas comic book covers for commission.
Starting at $300 (US) you get:
giclee canvas printing
• UV protected
• No additives
• Sizes ranging from 8x10 to 24x72. Rolled or up to 2.5" deep and most sizes in between.
• I handle the printing details and have it sent directly to you. All I ask is that you take a photo of it to share on my blog.
• gallery quality canvas to put on your wall with custom, kickass comic art that YOU help to create with YOUR ideas. All you have to do is give me names and situations and I'll come up with the witty comic text, design and layout, and, of course, the illustration.

Here's how the conversation might go on your end…
example1: "My daughter's room is always a mess and she loves DC Comics stuff. It's her 75th birthday and she would LOOooOOVE a beautiful comic cover made into canvas art inspired by the Green Lantern Corps. or something similar. Please, no G'nort, yo!"
example2: "My dad's a total comic nerd and has a chubby for anything with Marvel's Firestar in it. Is there a way to make a comic that has someone that LOOKS like Firestar but isn't exactly Firestar? I don't want you to get in trouble with the corporate comics companies so please be original. Also, he loves barbecue. LOL!"

Let me know if you need more examples. I got lots of 'em.

If this is something that you or someone you know may be interested in, please email me for more details bld[at]brandondawley[dot]com.

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