Saturday, February 20, 2010

St. Baldrick's Sketchbuzz #7

I created this sketch for my friend, Michael. It is Marvel's Northstar from Alpha Flight. I used to love Alpha Flight from the early eighties. This has got to be in my top five of the-best-team-based-comic-books-ever-created. Northstar brought a nice level of the hot-headedness to the series, which, let's face it, every story with a large cast of characters needs (ex. X-men's Wolverine, Justice League's Guy Gardner, Little House on the Prairie's Nellie Oleson, etc.).
As some of you may already know, Northstar, or Jean-Paul Beaubier, is one of the first openly Canadian super-heroes. That said, a message I received from Michael read, "as long as he looks kinda Canadian, I'm happy." I don't know if he "looks" Canadian, but I hope creating a sort of Canucky tension with fellow team member, Puck (aka Judd) will add a humorous tone. Mostly because out of any character in Alpha Flight that looks Canadian, I would have to say that PUCK comes off as a serious carnivora.
NOTE: If this image was to have a caption I would have to say that "La rondelle ne roule pas pour lui" fits very well. This translates to: The puck isn’t going his way.

If you would like your own sketch of your favorite comic book character, go to my St. Baldrick's Donation Page and make a donation. It'll be fun for both of us.

Addendum: Michael, the donor who requested Northstar, is not Canadian. Although he did dress up as Northstar for Halloween when he was much younger.

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