Wednesday, February 17, 2010

St. Baldrick's Sketchbuzz #6

I was recently introduced to Space Cabby by a recent donor whose name is, strangely enough, Anonymous. Go figure (it's probably his/her middle name).
I'm still amazed at how many comic book characters I am unfamiliar with. It makes sense that I would've missed this DC character because I didn't get into the DC Universe until the mid 80's with Legends (caused by John Byrne's migration). I then stayed due to the sardonic perfection that was Justice League (which I still read-thru one time every year).
I may have uncovered Space Cabby years ago and just threw that memory away altogether. What? It happens. Especially with something so outrageously simple as a taxi driver in outer space. I love it. Thanks, Anonymous.
Either way, here he is. My first sketch of Space Cabby. You can see many of his appearances at Dave Ex Machina. You should check out some of the dialogue in these clips. They're priceless. If you want a sketch of your favorite comic book character you should also visit my St. Baldrick's Donation Page and find out how. It's outrageously simple.

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