Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lakeside Drive CD art

I know it's been awhile since I have posted here. I've been super busy with dayjobs and nightsleeps. I'm trying to balance the many responsibilities we all try to manage in the name of existence. I hope you understand. I think you do. Oh, goodness gracious.

Here is something I've been working on. It is for a punk band in North Jersey. I saw them earlier in the year and we dicussed the concept, which was, "we have no idea so go nuts." So, I took the character that someone else drew and expanded on it a bit. Of course, after I shared the first proof all of a sudden the entire band (and probably others) had an opinion. I expected this. Hell, I wanted this. I work better with guidelines and limitations. Must be my retail upbringing.

My favorite part is the disc. I think the effect of the color flats from the front brings it together nicely.

It was cool working with Joe and Rory on completing this project. We made it just in time.

Today is their CD release party. You can sample and purchase the MP3 album HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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