Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Baldrick's Sketchbuzz #15

Ladies and gentlemen…Aquafam! With a twist. Arthur, Mera, Dolphin and Garth. The child's name in the clamshell carriage has yet to be agreed upon.

Thanks to Joe for requesting Aquaman and his undersea friends. I must be honest with you and state that I am not familiar with the man of aqua or his friends. The only Aquaman comic I have ever read was the retold origin story in Legend of Aquaman and then the 5 issue mini-series soon after. I did enjoy both of these but it did not cause me to continue to find out more of this most awkward of DC super-heroes. I also heard that Peter David did a fine job of reinventing the water man during the mid to late 90's. But adding a harpoon hand is not enough to turn this skeptic's mind. 

This looks like the last sketchbuzz I will be offering up for donation incentive (24 hours left!). Feel free to check out my St. Baldrick's donation page to see the full collection or just type the word "sketchbuzz" in my search field to the right. This was a hecka-fun project and now I have to send some sketches out to their prospective donors. 

Tomorrow: I take the buzz!

(The sketch of Aquaman and his family was inspired by the blogsite Awkward Family Photos.)

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