Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Baldrick's Sketchbuzz #3

Stacy requested his favorite character from a comic book which is Iron Man. I chose to depict a cartoonish interpretation of one of my favorite and gutsy story lines from the late 70's. Demon in a Bottle (written by David Michelinie and drawn by three powerhouse Marvel illustrators) showed a flawed man behind the armored mask. I believe I didn't get around to reading this story arch until I was a tween (although it was first released when I was 6 or 7 years old). I do remember it was the first comic book that made me look at comics with a more mature eye seeing this fallible archetype in full color.
I am taking a goofy take on the subject and I am not promoting alcoholism in any way. But, you gotta admit, if Tony Stark was an alcoholic I'm sure he tried to drink through the mouth square once or twice. Maybe he did this between panels so not to look like a milk ad gone bad. If he was as smart as he was written, wouldn't he just invent a series of tubes within the suit to feed him straw-lines of bourbon or vodka while flying over Avenger's Mansion? I'm not that well versed in comic history so if there are any serious geekbrains out there, please leave a comment about this if there is some connection or issue I may have missed. Thanks.
I also thinks it's fitting that he's drinking a hearty dark beer in the sketch since most of the St. Baldrick's event locations are held in Irish pubs throughout the world. So, here's to you, Stacy. Thanks for the request. Cheers.

If you want a sketch of your favorite comic character, please go HERE to find out how.

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