Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the completely unnecessary marvel comics 70th anniversary graphic novel cover meme

I really don't know how I'm getting any work done when I'm succumbing to the call of the wild:

via IMMONENsite:

"Here’s the deal. Remember the Typophile Album Cover Meme? This is much like that, requiring you to re-imagine a Marvel Comics cover from the last 70 years as an actual contemporary novel cover. Follow the steps below, and post the results on your own site or forum:

1) Click this link for a list of Marvel publications from a random month and year at Wikia.com: Random Marvel date*. Choose the 7th cover (if there are fewer than 7, choose the last one).

2) Search for the first word appearing on the cover that jumps out at you (this may be the title itself) on Flickr. Select the 7th (or last) image (as with the album cover meme, it’s best to select an image with Creative Commons rights released.

3) Use your favourite image manipulation app to create a new 6×9 image, incorporating the original title (and as much other original text as you like) and the new image.

4) Share!

Happy 70th Marvel Comics."

So, I did one. and here tis…

Happy 70th, indeed, Marvel. I don't read you much these days but you sure brought me loads of good times in my youth. Now stop making crap movies.

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