Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I tend to be a terrible sketchbooker. I see more in a single sheet of paper than a bounded book with spine and leather. That said, I must share this sketch with you. It's the first one I've liked in a long while. And since this is my "sketch blog" I figured why not.
Recently and old friend, who is probably one of my youngest friends to be honest (and why wouldn't I be honest?), had stopped in to visit. He states that I inspired him to become an artist years ago. I don't know if I want to take on that sort of responsibility. After seeing his art improve exponentially every year and surpassing my own abilities, I have come to the conclusion that no matter if I was present in his development or not, this gentleman would still become the great artist that he is today. And, to be honest, once again, we have both admitted I did teach him bad art habits. More on that another time.
The artist that I speak of is Dominic Vivona. To learn more of his work please check out his Myspace page and see what other projects he's been working on at www.thefictory.com and www.thesecretcross.com. The jerk can now add "animator" to his resumé. I lovingly hate him.

Back on topic. So, After seeing his sketchbook and drooling over his precise penmanship and fleshed out renderings, I was very hesitant to show off mine. I do not spend much time on my sketches. They are mostly there to remind me of ideas or to flex old drawing muscles I may never use again. Dom did a smart thing there. He made me feel good about my sketches. He said I'm using the sketchbook more accurately than most. I'm using it to "sketch". I appreciated that but more importantly, I appreciated the inspiration I received from that shortest of visits. I am now sketching more than ever and doing so on my terms. Not so much in a sketchbook, but on that blank sheet of loose paper. And drawing more loosely than ever before. Similar to when I used to draw for that little Vivona kid on the dining room table back in 1987. Or was it '88?

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