Friday, January 14, 2011

My 80's X-men

I've been continuing my hand coloring and inking on these Strathmore 6x6 Bristol boards. Funny how my mind gets more imaginative and creative when I have a less space to do it in. So, I decided to draw some of my favorite mutants the way I would like to see them: 80's style!

Introducing My X-men:

Colossus - More formidable looking and Russian by adding a beard and losing the hair. It's the way I've always wanted to see Piotr Rasputin and it's way more kickass than triangle shoulders and square head. I don't think he has ever had a well-designed costume. Maybe something like this that I submitted to Project Rooftop in 2007?:

Sprite (Kitty Pride) - I always preferred the name Sprite over Shadowcat (which, I believe, Storm gave her) . Shadowcat is a cool name, yes, but the team always needed a whimsical character in name as well as personality. Plus, what is so shadowy or cat-like about phasing through walls and floating? Which leads me to designing her character more as a spirit character and giving her Albinism. I don't mean to change the origin, but I can't help it.

Which leads me to…

Cyclops - I want him to be gay. Big eighties mustache gay. But, not that stereotypical clubbing, disco whistle-party gay. I'm talking serious and close to the man-vest gay. Quiet. Reserved. And totally tough-guy GAY!

Wolverine - I made his costume to look more like a wolverine. With a furry costume.

Storm - Basically the same as the later 80's punk Ororo, but with an improved hairstyle and a jumpsuit for better maneuverability.

That is all for now. Have a day.


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