Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Damn, Samuel!: Revisited

I live in an area of the Northeast United States that has it's fair share of Amish folks. A few years ago I worked on some Amish Pulp covers with a comic writing friend by the name of A.G. Devitt. We used to talk about the idea of applying Marvel's WHAT IF…? scenarios to Amish lifestyles in popular culture. A juxtaposition of sorts. 

I always liked working on them and would love to make more someday. The ideas seemed endless in retrospect. Devitt would give me a title and I would create the rest. Then he would write a short story "excerpt" from said design and share that on his blog (I can't seem to locate them online at this point in time). He may have removed them from his LiveJournal due to the growing number of Amish IT guys roaming the halls at his place of employment. I kid.

Here you will find the cream of the Amish crop. My favorite is the James Bon-like spy paperback cover. I hope you enjoy this possibly offensive entry into my sketchblog. If not,… well, there's nothing I can do about it now.

Please don't hate. Samuel Lapp wouldn't hate.

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