Tuesday, March 02, 2010

St. Baldrick's Sketchbuzz #12

I must confess something.

I don't know enough about manga and anime as much as I probably should. When I was asked to draw a manga sketch I was caught by surprise. My knowledge of this Japanese entertainment started with G-force in the mid-80s (and I have yet to see the original Battle of the Planets). Because the dubbing for the US version was so terrible and the music even worse I think that may have dulled my interest in pursuing this genre. Currently, my manga interest is more in the area of Gekiga-style (see: Yoshihiro Tatsumi).

My favorite anime series (the little that I have seen) are Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop presently. I have seen the first 6 episodes of 

Neon Genesis Evangelion and I didn't hate it. I know there's quite a bit more, but that's the problem; the market is so saturated with this style that I am overwhelmed. There's not enough time in a life to wade through the crap of it all to get the good stuff. And the manga versions are even more populated. But I'll get there.

I'm just about to start the series Fullmetal Alchemist. I've seen a few episodes and I really enjoyed it. From the little I did see it is a top notch series and, from what I hear, there is a very good manga equivalent. So I figured since my friend, Jack, donated and requested "Manga/robots/ninja warrior" for his son, Alexi, I should use my most recent inspiration. So, "Manga/robots/ninja warrior" it is. Well, 2 out of the three isn't bad, but I'm sure there's a ninja warrior somewhere in the series. It's anime after all*. There must be a ninja or warrior of some sort in there. I think it's a rule. That and girls in school uniforms.

If you are interested in a sketch of your favorite comic (or manga) character/team, please visit my St. Baldrick's Donation Page and find out how. 

Thanks for visiting. Now get back to it.

*Author's notes
-There is a genre of manga that deals with day-to-day life of the Japanese society and DOES NOT have robots or ninja warriors. An example is Japan Inc.

- I also understand that the manga isn't necessarily the same as the anime series or feature. I've read that the beloved Akira printed series is far superior to the animated feature film.

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