Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I designed a business card for @amytavern

I worked with Amy Tavern of on her new business cards that will be sent to the printer in a week or two. The process was a very pleasant collaboration. I ain't lyin'.

Amy mentioned that she wanted to change up from her previous design which was more whimsical. She expressed that she is working with more industrial material and creating lots of studio work and she wanted to emulate that in her new business card. I though, "heck ya, that's awesome!" So I suggested a less playful font such as Regulator. As far as serious fonts go I think combining Regulator Medium and Thin give it enough lightheartedness to be fun, but the strong  lines express a work ethic to back up the images shown. I think it's great when artists mature in their work and you can REALLY see it. Amy's new stuff is a perfect example of this.

Looks like my work is cut out for me. Now that the bizcards are completed everything else will have to follow suit (maniacal laughter!).

She also blogs like a sonofabitch at

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