Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. Baldrick's Sketchbuzz #5

What is there left to say about The Batman? I hear he is traveling through time later this year. That could either be silly or totally amazing. If you want to know how he is doing before the stories go to print you should follow TimeLostBatman on Twitter. Very informative journal of his (mature) misadventures. Please enjoy one of my favorite entries- I wanted Chief Sitting Bull to call me "Justice With Wings", but he insisted on "Adopts Young Boys."

Cynthia donated to St. Baldricks and requested Batman for her sketch and I'm always happy to draw a classic DC character. Thanks for your donation, Cynthia! I'll see you at the P.O.!

If you want your own sketch of any comic book book character find out more details by visiting my St. Baldrick's Donation Page.

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