Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TCAF 2010 :(

I've been to two of the Toronto Comic Art Festivals and, to me, it has been an improvement on this sort of jamboree. It focuses more on the creators of comics rather than the products spawned by them.
This is the first year that they will be starting the annual event instead of the usual biennial schedule (which works better for my pocket book). There is way too much inspiration and it seems that every event always seems to find that one artist that I would LOVE to meet, let alone stare at from across a crowded library. This year it is Daniel Clowes. He designed this year's poster. Drool.
Kudos to Christopher Butcher for creating such a great festival and selecting Nadine Lessio to redesign the web site (LOOKS GOOD!).  I hate you for changing it to an annual event. Just kidding.

But, seriously.

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  1. Brandon, are you a Clowes fan? Did I ever mention that I have a page of his original art, from back in his old Lloyd LL. days.

  2. no. you haven't. jerk.