Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I've switched my blogtool

I've been quite frustrated with my usual blogging tool and the many things one must do to get one's message out to the world. With the Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc. I've had way too many things to think about in addition to thinking about what I'm working on. SO, I joined Posterous in the high hopes that I can use one thing to get it all done ONCE. So, now, I will email my posts to my blog and then it should all fall into place. This takes the work out of it and will hopefully streamline my blogposts and so forth and onward and upward and shoot me in the face if this ends up becoming another THING to do.
That said, I will also be sharing many random thoughts and off-the-cuff ideas which essentially lead to sketches which lead to illustrations. So, it should all make sense in due time.

Please enjoy this wildlife documentary:

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