Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dawleylockes 2.0

Over 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a Giant Cell Tumor (benign) in the bone of my right hip. It ended up having to be replaced with a titanium ball and stem. When this happened I was offered so much support from friends, family and strangers that I was induced with superhuman strength. not really. But it did make me feel good to be a human no matter how inhuman my mother thinks I am (her nickname for me was "half-assed").
When my friend, Chris, invited me to join him last year in Ithaca to shave our headhair for kid's cancer research and the St. Baldrick's Foundation, I thought it was an spectacular idea. The event was inspirational and quite a great time was had by all. So, I'm doing it again. This year I'm moving northeast from Ithaca to Syracuse, NY. Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub to be more exact. It all happens on March 21, 2010 so if you're interested in donating on my head for children cancer research, please do so by clicking on the following link: St. Baldrick's Dawlism Donation Page - Just think, you'll get the satisfaction of helping a worthy cause and seeing me with a fuzzy brainpan.

Do as little or as much as you can–I'll take the buzz.

(If you would like to participate yourself, you can go here to sign up [click on the Get Involved link]. It's available all over world.)

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  1. Marc McCarthy5:38 PM

    Thank you for being a hero for kids with cancer! Your support of St. Baldrick's helps us raise money to support childhood cancer research, one shaved head at a time.


    Marc McCarthy
    St. Baldrick's Foundation