Friday, October 30, 2009

Step Lightly

I released this commission yesterday for delivery. I had it printed through CanvasPop and I'm delightfully satisfied with the outcome.
The customer asked me to go nuts and "do what I do best". Being that I've been creating designs for over 7 years under specific guidelines from either an individual client or committee, I found it quite difficult to express myself. you know, artistically. Independently. When I showed her the final piece her initial response, although very pleased, was surprised. She felt that it was tamer than she expected. Which also surprised me because I couldn't agree more. In that sense, I think I went against what I would usually do and created something I would totally put on my wall. And since this commission was for a couple of folks that I care for, I felt that challenging myself against the status quo was an important direction to go in. You know, rather than delivering comic art pin-up, she-rocker with curves and a sledgehammer.
Hell, that sounds like fun. I think it's time to start that sketch. Right after I finish this monster sketch for Halloween. Boo!

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