Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Clue: The Poster

I am designing a poster for the Ilion Little Theatre. It is Clue: The Musical which is set to premiere near the end of November. I started sketching this idea in my moleskin and showed it to the director, Dave Dellecese. As I was making this I realized it would be quite cramped if I showed all 6 potential outcomes including the body copy that needs to accompany the poster, so I limited it to 4 weapons and 4 suspects. Leaving out the rope and the lead pipe will improve the look due to the fact that a rope and lead pipe are about as interesting to look at as…well…a rope and a lead pipe. Doing this will make room for as much text as I need such as date/time of event and credits.
The 'blocking' of the poster is based on a scene in the play where all suspects are standing with a weapon held high above each of their heads surrounding the victim. I thought that would be the most pivotal scene in the performance and so did the director. Sometimes me smart.
The suspects will be from left to right: Mr. Green/gun, Colonel Mustard/candlestick, Ms. Scarlet/knife, Mrs White/wrench. I think these colors will work the best for this project with the CLUE logo in black and red with a white accent. Although, I need to be careful that it doesn't look like an Irish/Italian flag. That said, I may have to replace Green or Mustard with Professor Plum. I don't think there are many countries that have purple as a color.
I will post the final version here when it is complete.
Gotta go now. bye.

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