Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Salad Days #1

I found this old storage disk of some cartoons I made for my local newspaper's website component. This was back when my home computer was a Dell PC (1998-ish). Ugh. This was the topic of discussion on most forums at the time that had to do with new technology. And back then the only thing regarded as "new" technology was home computers.
Personally, I had to have 2 virus protection programs running in order to control the shit that would worm it's way into my system. Now that I'm on a Mac it's much easier to avoid that sort of problem. Not that Mac's don't get viruses. I'm sure they do. I've just never had one in over 4 years of switching over.
I wish the Geek Squad looked like this. Instead they look like this. And they will one day be the police of the future. One day. In the future.


  1. Come and enjoy the web rock radio show on my blog dude? All welcome. Hope to see you there! I only drink London Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. do I know you? yer freakin me out dude.