Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog writing takes time*

Sometimes following blog after blog of content made by creative folks that I admire, I tend to glaze over from the adoration of it all. There are so many blogs, fanpages, forums, etc. of every possible ordinary and extraordinary person out there as well as blogs of things that don't even exist. I find myself (more and more) hovering towards those written about creatives rather than the blogs written by the creatives. After all, this is a perspective I can relate to.
I suppose this makes sense and is rather obvious. After all, if the creatives are taking their time away from making the stuff then I would end up resenting those blogs as distractions. And that is what they are. Every creative out there should have another creative person writing their blogs for them. A creative that appreciates their work. Shadowing them so we can get a fan's perspective of material approved by the artist we adore so much. Or even a ghostwriter to minimize the amount of thought and time one has to commit to up-keeping this sort of tool. This is probably happening regularly with the big guns of the blogosphere I'm just too busy drawing to know better. (*I am not against creatives writing their own blogs as long there is enough time to create what I prefer you create.)
One of my favorite "fan blogs" or "Flogs" is the wonderfully joyous Almost Darwyn Cooke by

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