Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Webcomic update

As you may have noticed, The Deerfield Informant is lacking in the updating department. This is due to me learning a valuable lesson. The frequency of 3 updates per week is almost impossible while still trying to generate freelance paid work. I want to enjoy TDI and the stress of getting this out is not conducive with enjoyment.
That said, The Deerfield Informant will continue when it is possible. At the best, sporadically. So, please keep an eye on this spot and I hope you enjoy the most sporadic webcomic on the internet. ;)
My point in doing this from the beginning was to see if I can. And I can. Just not as frequently as I had wished.
This is also making room for a regular weekly comic strip co-created by myself and Craig Patrick of the poetry blog Brainsmoke. It is much more humor oriented and entirely different comic. We are both very excited about this endeavor. And yes, I will be creating a buffer of strips in order to avoid future delays that have plagued the Deerfield Informant. Stay tuned for that lanching later this year.



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