Wednesday, May 06, 2009

TCAF 2009 + old wounds + new plans

This will be my second trip to the cultural, entertainment and financial capital of Canada. Toronto is in my list of top 5 cities I've visited. What makes it even better is that it is hosting one of my favorite "conventions" relating to the comic book industry. The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I'm going to be there!
After rereading my blog entry for the first one I attended, I am amazed by how my perspective has changed since that post. I was so wide-eyed and eager to jump into illustrating printed comics for an actual publisher (and getting paid!) that I never thought I'd be disappointed by it. The company that was paying for (and putting together a few titles of) potential, genre-breaking awesomeness, are now putting together pieces of a broken business plan. For the record, I have no bitter feelings towards FE Comics, just the experience. Nothing to see here. Let's move on.

As you may know, whoever you are, I have decided to undertake an adventure in webcomicing.
The Deerfield Informant is a work-in-progress and, I feel, a misunderstood story. For now. In a few weeks, everyone will understand a little better where the "story" is going and why. Next week's episode will be a signal of things to come. And I can't think of a better event than this weekend to begin the transformation of said webcomic. I will not give away any plotpoints or events, but I will say FOUR things:
1. The color will continue.
2. The word episode will be removed. read on.
3. Stay "tuned" for music. Not kidding.
The frequency of the comic will be increased to 3 times a week. So, I will be posting a new comic page on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week starting the week of May 18. This should help the narrative which really hasnt begun yet. Everything you have seen is basically a big, fat establishing shot.


Get your browser warmed up, kiddies. When I come back from visiting Toronto, John Malloy, and The Immonens, I'm gonna need you right back here to join in and make some noise for geriatric webcomics.

tip: Naps are overrated. Stay awake and read a webcomic.

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