Friday, March 27, 2009

10 days until

I'm finally putting together the finishing touches on what is to be my 2nd attempt at a webcomic. I tried my hand at this in the late 90s with AGDevitt. You could say we were way before our time because no one I knew was doing it then. Needless to say (but I'm going to say it anyway), nothing came of it, but there was a huge lesson learned: always let someone else learn for you.
Nowadays you can't toss a bottle of ink without hitting a webcomicker. And I think we're the better for it. I find more good than bad these days in this new world industry. It is an exciting time for webcomics.
I started this project out having considerable amount of trouble deciding on a title. I was going to continue calling it Dawlism, but Stuart Immonen told me to, "set up a new, dedicated account/ webspace for the comic." and then he listed 3 important points:
1. "you can maintain your sketchblog as is, and use it to announce new comic pages (as we do)
2. "it costs next to, or exactly, nothing" (my favorite argument)
3. "Eisner rules state that a dedicated URL is necessary for webcomic nomination"

so there's that. priceless advice. And, of course, what I can learn from webcomicsweekly.

The initial idea of this entire universe was handed off to me by AGDevitt who some of you may know from my past comic art work. He needs to be thanked for the creative seed he planted in my brain. I need to find someone to do that.
To understand a bit about where this universe started, go here and here. look through the blogs and comments and the bickering that these two old coots participated in. Lately, it's been quiet, but that's mainly due to the lawn-work that needs to be done. At least that's what Ray has told me. He also informed me that Ned Butterworth isn't online anymore because he lost his internet in a game of darts. I have no idea what that means. Hopefully, that will be a story for the Deerfield Informer.

This is, and always will be, an experimental work-in-progress. And, I hope, an enjoyable one.
I feel very confident of the work I've completed so far and I hope you will too when April 6 comes 'round. And every week after that until I cant. so, enjoy.
Whoever you are.

the above title for the webcomic is set in Majestos Text by Silas Dilworth.

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