Thursday, May 08, 2008

Simian Concept

A Toronto woman hired me to design a faux comic cover for her boyfriend as a birthday present. The story goes: her and her man were hitting the sauce one night at his farm where he has some chickens and maybe pig or two. They thought up all these "superhero" names for different animals on the farm in a drunken splendor. She told me her man prefers the "old-style" comics so I thought of that while creating this, keeping my corners soft, avoiding the extreme style of the 90's and adding the weathered effect to the comic cover. As if the person who owned it didn't take care of it properly. Shame on you whoever you aren't.
So, She has contacted me since she presented it to her man, got it printed at PITKO (who were lovely to deal with) and her boyfriend was very pleased. He actually expressed that he thought it was a real old-timey comic she found. pretty awesome.

It was a fun job but I have no idea what an ape has to do with a farm in Ontario.

The characters I contributed were the Gibbon Gang.

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