Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pet Peeves

I'm crammed for work this week so I'm blogging a weaksauce drawing for Illustration Friday's theme, Pet Peeves. This was a sketch I did on my break (just in case my employer sees this) and it took me 10 min. and it shows (yikes). I didn't use a reference because I hate the smell of peanut butter. but what I hate more than that is when people smear their excess peanut butter (or mustard, mayo, jam, etc.) on the inside of the jar to dry out. If you can't figure out how much spread you need to get on your spreading tool by now, then you should give up preparation duties and hand it over to someone else. seriously. I never find myself having to return to the jar to clean off my knife. I just use the other piece of bread to clean it off, or, depending on the condiment, lick it clean. the knife, not the bread. if you don't like your condiment enough to intimately lick it off the utensil, then you don't like it enough to spread it on your food project. leave it in the fridge. you evil jerk.


  1. What?! You are calling me evil? Oh, I see the problem here. I do tend to smear peanut butter on the side of the jar from time to time. But thats okay because peanut butter doesn't really dry out. And since you don't like peanut butter you don't know that it's acceptable to do so with this particular condiment. Plus you don't keep it in the fridge.
    So in conclusion, I agree with your thoughts on this subject with one exception... peanut butter is awesome.

  2. Great work, really nice!

  3. Wish more artists were inspired by love than "hate." Seems like more art would result if that were the case. But your drawings seem pretty good, so I guess inspiration is where you find it.

  4. if all artists were inspired by love all the art would be boring images of jesus and flowers and sunsets. hate is just a good a reason to create. but I wasn't "hating". I was mostly being sarcastic. lovingly.

    and, no, daniel, you aren't evil. my next image will be of a flower with peanut butter smeared on it.

    just kidding.

  5. oh, and thanks rui.

  6. Man that illustration was highly effective. I'm craving a peanut butter samich about now.

    I agree with you on the emotions being a big part of artisitic expression. In my opinion, love isn't always pretty. I can remember way back when I was a teenager, my so-called feelings of love tore me to pieces. Love can be pretty brutal if it's one-sided.

    Nice work Brandon!