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Did Enoch Bolles create the pinup?

Did Enoch Bolles create the pinup?
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My buddy, Jack, posted this on Flickr and it "poses" and interesting sequence of illumination. below is what he had to say:

"Ok, this is a bit of a push but I think a legitimate argument can be made that Bolles had more to do with what we call a pinup than any other artist or photographer. Granted the genre of 'pretty girl' (Gibson, Fischer..) preceeded Bolles, and Raphael Kirchner's work, as influenced by the French as it was, certainly was moving in the direction of pinup when he died. But Petty and Vargas came onto the scene after Bolles, and Vargas would have minimal impact until his Esquire work, which debuted around 1941. Rolf Armstrong doesn't qualify because virtually all his early work, great as it was, involved portraits. (I should point out that the label "pinup" for this sort of art or photography wasn't even used until around 1940).

By the late 20s Bolles had already established many of the modern cliche's of pinup; the sleepy-time girl, the upskirt, the sporty girl, bedroom eyes and all that. Yet today it's Vargas and Petty who get all the credit.

The examples in the scan, by the way, date from 1914 to 1933."

Jack also mentioned Bolles' possible influence on the popularity or origin of the bikini in a previous Flickr post.


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