Friday, April 14, 2006

The Shunning!

The Shunning is here! Terror beyond your fundamental imagination! Dare to be damned, indeed! Now, if you think you can handle the horror, continue on to the startling story that shares the name...

The Shunning

Join us next week for a tale of a different nature. Human nature to be exact. A story called...
My Many Nights With a Menonite
(next cover art due April 21st)


  1. Christe the King7:35 PM

    This is very nice, but I'd like to see a bit more Amishness about it. I mean, the chick obviously isn't Amish, unless she went through Rimspruggen or Riggerspurgen or whatever it is where they figure out if they really want to be Amish. And all you see is the guy's pants. Is he a dead evil Amish skeleton? I'd like to see a skeleton, with a big Amish beard. Or maybe just the hat and suspenders...

  2. read the story. It's not all going to be forcefed to you.

  3. my many night was stuning and unique.
    great idea.