Thursday, April 06, 2006

Menu design

Below is a project for a client I picked up when I lived in Athens, GA. What started out as a moderately difficult piece of work (late 2004) has ended up to be one of the best clients I have to date. Easy to communicate with and willing to take suggestions. This project began with a fellow graphics friend of mine, Tony. We nailed this project so well that we underbid and ended up getting paid less than what we could have. We were so surprised on their eagerness and mostly because the people in that area always seemed to want a lot of work for very little cost to them.
I designed the logo and Tony designed the intial menu layout. With my added playful retro style and his expert us of color, we really made this client happy. We really worked well together. I sorta miss it. I never thought I would say that about a menu project. Menu projects, to me, are almost as bad as designing 2-D maps for a rec center.As of now, I have been taking over the entire project. Which is ironic, because Tony is closer to them geographically ever since I relocated to my home town in New York. Thank you, internet. And thank you, Tony, for letting me take over this project. Believe it or not, I'm having a good time redoing this new dinner version of the same menu (below) and I am anticipating the revisions from the initial proofs I have already sent to the client. Their additions are usually quite harmless and they really know how to communicate their changes. Which is great...ALL THE TIME! Anyways, here is the new dinner menu for Lola Belle's Diner:

Don't forget to ask your server for the list of salad dressings. Thank you and enjoy your meal.

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